Saturday, 6 November 2010

Day Five: Back on track

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Winter Winner!
Day Five
Two slices of toast: 5 ProPoints
Low Fat Spread: 2
Roasted Vegetables
1 small parsnip: 1 ProPoint
1 swede: 0 ProPoints
2 carrots: 0 ProPoints
Butternut squash wedges : 0 ProPoints
2 tbsp of Olive Oil: 3 ProPoints
Small Pork medallion: 3 ProPoints
Cous Cous: 4 ProPoints
WW Triple Chocolate bar: 2 ProPoints
Fruit salad,  of raspberries, strawberries, bananas & pears: 0 ProPoints.
Total: 20 ProPoints

Thanks to a filling lunch, low in ProPoints, I've managed to stay under my daily allowance. I can't carry the points over in the new plan, but it's good to know I can have the odd low point day without feeling deprived.
I'm also pleased to note I'm exceeding my 5-a-day on most days now. If you've got an iPhone, it's worth downloading Munch 5-a-day. It's a bit gimmicky, but it basically lets you tick off each piece of fruit or veg you eat until you reach your goal, and you can earn achievements too. You can then share the results on Twitter/Facebook.

If you want to know more about the switchover and the plan, there's a great selection of Weight Watchers ProPoints Plan resources on the weight watcher blog by Reflextions.

Concerned about the new plan? 

I've been chatting in the Weight Watchers forums this week, and a lot of people seem concerned or resentful of the new plan. Don't be. You won't have to make any huge changes, it's just a slightly different way of working out your points. The main changes, 49 treat points and zero ProPoint fruit, are for your benefit and will help you stay on the plan long-term.

Obviously it's a little frustrating if you've bought the scales and the calculator, but the new pack will come with a card calculator, and a conversion sheet for all the recipe books they've released in the last year. Otherwise you can use the Recipe Builder in eSource to convert them. One lady on the forums suggested getting busy with a pen and labels, on all the food in your freezer and your cookbooks.

If I'm honest, this week's TGI Friday Fail might have made me fall off the WeightWatcher wagon altogether, but instead I've put it down to the 49 weekly ProPoints and started afresh the next day. I'm not expecting a huge loss this week, but I know I'm making healthier choices that will benefit my weight loss and health long-term. Isn't that what Weight Watchers is all about?

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  1. I've been researching the new plan so i'm well prepared for my meeting on wednesday. (can't wait! need some motivation, been stuck in a rut) and i came aross a neat wee web app for iphone... send your iphone safari to (note 2 Ws) and add the link to your homepage - obviously i can't checkout the accuracy compared to ww online yet, but it's from europe where they've been using propoints for a wee while.
    BTW, loving the blog, really interesting. I'm really looking forward to the new plan.

  2. Hi there!
    I have been on the ProPoints plan for nearly 12 weeks now, your blog is fantastic, follow mine too at or