Saturday, 13 November 2010

Day 13: Second Weigh In on WW ProPoints

Day 14/365Image by Timo Kirkkala via Flickr
Low ProPoints treat
Today was my second weigh in on WW ProPoints, and I'm pleased to say I lost...

4.5 lbs!

After my first shaky week, I'm pleased to see the weight is finally coming off.

It was lovely to go to a Weight Watchers meeting today to chat to the other members about how they're getting on. Overall everyone seems to be full of energy from all the extra fruit we can have, and really excited about the changes. It seems to be the same situation on the eSource messageboards too, with some of the nervous people seeing excellent losses this week.

The 4.5 lb weigh loss meant I got my first 7lb loss sticker today, and I'm just 1.5lbs off my first 5% goal.
Stuck for food ideas on the new ProPoints plan? Here are a few of my favourite finds this weeks.
  • Fish fingers: Around 5 ProPoints for 3.
  • Quorn chicken slices: 2 ProPoints for half a pack
  • Birds Eye Fish steaks in butter sauce: 4 ProPoints
  • Roasted veg (butternut squash, carrots, swede): 0 ProPoints (most of the supermarkets are doing mixed bag of winter root veg for £1-2)

    Found any low ProPoint food this week? Share them in the comments!


  1. Wow, 4.5lbs is fab! Well done :o)

  2. that's an excellent weightloss! thanks for the hints on low propoint foods, i noticed tonight that bisto gravy granules is 0propoints. that should make a few teas a bit more interesting

  3. Hi Emma, fantastic news about your weight loss! Great to hear you’re doing so well on the new ProPoints plan!
    Alison, PR Manager for Weight Watchers

  4. Thanks Bear, good to know about the Bisto!

    Thank you Alison, really enjoying the plan!