Sunday, 16 January 2011

My weight loss inspiration board

What motivates you when you're trying to lose weight? The perfect dress? An occasion you want to slim down for? Being able to run for the bus without having collapsing? Maybe, like me, you stick a pic up of when you were slimmer to remind you that you can do it?

Everyone has different motivators to get them to their goal. Here are a few of mine:
Middle image: Me, in a size 10 dress, in Feb 2009. I'd love to wear it again. This was after losing 2.5 stone the first time I went on Weight Watchers.
Top right image: A size 14 Matalan dress I've had for a few months, but have yet to wear.
Bottom right image: Possibly a bit of TMI, but being on WW helps with a lot of my IBS symptoms.
Bottom left image: My little sister gets married this December. I'll be in a strapless bridesmaid dress. 
Top left image: I genuinely feel better when I eat more fruit and vegetables, and need to get back into the habit. 

I'd love to hear what motivates you to your weight loss goal. Feel free to share your inspiration in the comments!

While I'm here, here's my food diary for today.

WW Bagel: 4PP
Margarine: 1PP
Danone Actimel Strawberry: 2PP

Wafer thin roast chicken: 1PP
WW sliced malted danish bread x2: 3PP
Flora light: 1PP
Mixed red berries: 0PP
Activia Pouring Yoghurt: 2PP

Turkey (a result of certain members of the house going mad and buying FIVE turkeys in the clearance sales): 4PP for 4 slices
Mixed vegetables: 0 PP
Yorkshire pudding: 1PP
Gravy: 1PP

I've allowed 9 extra points for dinner as I've heard rumours of pork stuffing, which I can't resist.


  1. Mine is nearly the same.. a dress I got in monsoon which taunts me everytime I leave the room.. a retro push bike (in pink, don't you know!)... skinny jeans... the Cadbury's rabbit is there for the attitude I SWEAR! There's a bunny with confidence! LOL Love the Matalan dress and NOTHING like a wedding to get you moving.. remember those pics will be around FOREVER!

  2. Ah I love your one, especially the retro push bike! You're so right about those pictures being around forever, need to keep reminding myself of that.

    Congrats on your success so far, I've added your blog to my reader.